Penny Elliot

I joined Roger and the team from Camden Cycles for an e-bike ride in Centennial Park, Camden in November. This was the first time I had tried an e-bike, and as a below knee amputee I found it absolutely fantastic. I used to cycle a lot prior to my accident but have not been able to enjoy a bike ride since, although I have tried a couple of times. Using the e-bike made the whole experience effortless, and for me the adjustable height seat mechanism was fantastic and made riding possible. Also the option to choose which level of pedal power assistance made such a difference, because I was able to cycle with little effort on the flat, giving myself exercise, but I used the turbo option going up hills, which made it feasible for me to enjoy all terrains. I also really enjoyed the social aspect of meeting up with others for a really beautiful ride around the park, which I would never have been able to enjoy without the advanced technology of an e-bike."