Leo Smith

I have been an amputee for almost 4.5 years. I visited Camden Cycles where I had the good fortune of meeting Roger Withers who is also an amputee. Not long after this meeting, Roger organised his second “E” Bike amputee ride day with the support of Camden Cycles, Specialized and Southern Prosthetics and Orthotics. The ride was held at Camden sports ground. The event was well attended from people all over Sydney. Around 15 “E” bikes were supplied with the manpower from Camden Cycles to customise each bike to the rider. Once fitted out, and everyone had been shown how to use the bike, we all took off for an extensive ride – a great success which was evident by everyone’s enthusiasm at the BBQ afterwards. I was so impressed with the Specialized “E” Bike, I bought one a few days later from Camden Cycles. This bike has given me the freedom I thought I would not have again once I lost my leg.Without Roger, Camden Cycles, Specialized and Southern Prosthetics and Orthotics this wonderful day would not have taken place. Getting involved with E-Bikes and the people associated with them has been a tremendous enhancement in my life as an amputee. It has not only given me the freedom to ride and exercise but has also given me an interest that I can accomplish. I am better off mentally, physically and socially. I do believe that the Ability To Ride program will benefit many more people, as I have”