Past Event

Our 2nd Amputee Ride Day - 2019


November 2019


Camden Show Grounds


Roger Withers (Founder & CEO of ATRW) arranged the second Amputee Ride Day following many requests after the huge success of the first ride day in 2018. This time the ride was held at Camden Show Grounds, NSW. This year there were 15 amputees attending: including amputees with above knee, below knee and below elbow transradial.

Once again proudly sponsored by Specialized Bicycles USA & Australia, who gladly provided their fleet of Specialized Turbo Levo electric-assist mountain bikes.

This time WHOLE team from, joined the event to help. Thank you to Adam Hall, Patrick Callaghan, Jeff Walker and Eric Phrakaysone. Bike stations were set-up and ready to fit people to a bike quickly and easily, confident to help fine tune each rider's experience.

We also had the valuable support of Mark George from Southern Prosthetics and Orthotics this year. We had learnt from the first ride day, his skills and knowledge would assist with some of the minor adjustments needed to be made to some prosthetics for long-term and comfortable riding. Our riders had so many supporters in every way needed.

No event is complete without our wonderful volunteers. Adam Vickers, Emily Henderson and new volunteers Leo and Linda Smith, and Dennis Said who did an awesome job of looking after the very important BBQ!

We had learnt from the first ride day that prosthetic feet easily slipped off the pedals. We were innovative, and had Maglock magnetic bike pedals installed, which held the Prosthetic foot in place, but was still easy enough to take the foot off the pedal when needed. WINNERS!!

The second Amputee Ride day was an even bigger success!

After everyone had been fitted to a bike we all went on a group ride around the Camden Showgrounds and surrounding park lands. Everyone left elated with big smiles on every face. None could be bigger than Glenn Bedwell ABKA who hadn’t ridden a bike in nearly 30 years, and was amazed at how the Specialized Turbo Levo electric-assist mountain bike enabled him to return to riding again after so long.


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