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February 2021
Our 3rd Amputee Ride Day - 2021
Roger Withers now had a lot of success with the first two Amputee Ride Days, and knew this great event had to carry on. After making contact with Specialized USA who offered their total support and wanted to see the rides days grow into a worldwide event, the concept was born, and the program named!
November 2019
Our 2nd Amputee Ride Day - 2019
Roger Withers (Founder & CEO of ATRW) arranged the second Amputee Ride Day following many requests after the huge success of the first ride day in 2018. This time the ride was held at Camden Show Grounds, NSW.
December 2018
Our FIRST Amputee Ride Day - 2018
Roger Withers (Founder & CEO of ATRW) organised the first ever Amputee Ride Day back in 2018, with seven (7) amputees booked in for the day: including above knee, below knee and below elbow transradial participants.

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